Care and Cleaning of Slate Chalkboards


Slate blackboards rely on the pores of the slate to accumulate the chalk as it glides across the surface. In order to maintain a healthy board it's important to use only a nonabrasive cloth or felt eraser to remove what's been written or drawn. For stubborn chalk accumulations use a damp cloth then a dry cloth to wipe any excess. Too much water will close the pores with globs of wet chalk. Some say a little vinegar in the water will help to refresh an old board. Never use anything oily and don't write on a blackboard while it is still wet from cleaning.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you hang the board on your wall take extra care in choosing a fastener that will hold the weight. Small boards weigh approximately 10lbs. Some of the larger boards weigh over 20lbs. On drywall walls you need to make sure you hit the stud with your screw or nail. Set the screw to a short length so when you hang the blackboard it's tight against the wall.
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