Sinks of Gandy


Mvc-790f.jpg (50786 bytes) Taking Middle Mountain Road into the Sinks provided many breath-taking views of the fall colors in our West Virginia Mountains.
Even without the views of the mountains, the solitary drive along Middle Mountain Road was beautiful, as always. Mvc-792f.jpg (107844 bytes)
Mvc-794f.jpg (82679 bytes) The journey takes you through the Laurel Fork Campgrounds.
When suddenly, the terrain changes, you know you are getting close to the Sinks of Gandy! Mvc-796f.jpg (54898 bytes)
Mvc-798f.jpg (57059 bytes) The sinks are not easy to find.   In fact, unless you have been there before, have an accurate map, or ask someone, you may not ever find it.  Here we were greeted by a field of well groomed horses and bulls.  
A short walk through the field and the Gandy River can be seen disappearing into the hillside. Mvc-800f.jpg (67882 bytes)
Mvc-801f.jpg (84982 bytes) Mvc-802f.jpg (53134 bytes)
Mvc-804f.jpg (71930 bytes) The mouth of the cave is quite inviting, even for the novice caver.  The cave itself runs about three quarters of a mile under the countryside and is quite wet, and very slippery with mud all the way through.
The river exits from the cave behind the trees in this picture.  Mvc-820f.jpg (94509 bytes)
Mvc-815f.jpg (57617 bytes) Inside the cave looking out.
The underground river flows under the ground in this picture. Mvc-823f.jpg (45972 bytes)
Mvc-822f.jpg (140253 bytes) If you ever take a trip to the Sinks of Gandy, the Webmaster advises, "watch your step!"

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