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Stuart Park is located approximately 7 miles west of Elkins, WV.  For locals and visitor's alike a journey into Stuart's will generally be remembered for a lifetime.
MVC-834S.JPG (62411 bytes) Stuart has a number of camping sites which now include water and electric.  There is a charge for overnight camping and reservations are sometimes needed.
MVC-835S.JPG (72301 bytes) Rhododendron is everywhere and there are few things in life as satisfying as walking a path surrounded by these beautiful trees.
MVC-842S.JPG (39361 bytes) Another fine point about this park is the open fields that have been host to many picnics, parties, ball games, and just general lounging around.
MVC-846S.JPG (68428 bytes) The small pavilion now has a $2.00 per car parking sign out front.  
MVC-849S.JPG (57386 bytes) From the pavilion steps you can look out at the Cheat river.
MVC-850S.JPG (53617 bytes) The beautiful Cheat river.
MVC-853S.JPG (79130 bytes) Wooded areas surround the fields and do a great job of providing shelter from the summer heat.
MVC-854S.JPG (56781 bytes) Another shot of the river.
MVC-856S.JPG (70362 bytes) One of the many picnic tables located throughout the park.
MVC-862S.JPG (59168 bytes) Another beautiful picnic spot.
MVC-864S.JPG (76359 bytes) One of my pleasures is to walk from the small pavilion to the swimming hole through the wooded area.
MVC-872S.JPG (47843 bytes) The swimming area.
MVC-873S.JPG (57318 bytes) Anyone who has been to Stuart park will remember the rock on the other side of the river from the swimming hole.  The water is cool even in the summer!
MVC-875S.JPG (49413 bytes) The big pavilion in mid-spring waiting for the season to begin.  
MVC-878S.JPG (60384 bytes) The giant oaks and maples provide shade from the hot summer's days.
MVC-881S.JPG (63284 bytes) They moved the pavilion from Roosevelt park and placed it in Stuart a few years back.
MVC-883S.JPG (52176 bytes) Another shot of a picnic area.
MVC-886S.JPG (33874 bytes) Just above the horseshoe turn.  You take the high road and I'll take the low road!




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